Patient Participation Group

Calling All Patients

We recently ran a questionnaire to find out how patients are communicating with the surgery and how the pandemic has affected you to provide feedback for the surgery for their future planning of services. Please see the results below:

Cobbs Garden Surgery Patient Participation Group is a group of patients who are keen to work together with the surgery to strengthen and develop areas of health care services. The PPG act as the voice of the patients and a critical friend to the surgery. The PPG consists of a core group, a wider online group and sub groups who run specific projects and support i.e. cancer and beyond, walking group.

The aims of this group are to:

  • Advise the practice on patient perspectives by being the voice of the patients providing insight into the responsiveness and quality of services and carry out research into patient views.
  • Encourage patients to take a greater responsibility for  their own and their family’s health and wellbeing by organising health promotion events/ information is readily available/ develop support groups i.e. cancer and beyond/ walking/ mental health support
  • Provide regular and easy to comprehend communication with patients and patient groups – develop a common language between practice and patients by liaising and collaborating with the practice staff seeking their opinions and ideas to develop an inclusive approach between patients and surgery.
  • Understanding and accepting PPG members’ different needs, experiences and perspectives committing to help all members to take part.
  • Encourage an ethos of openness and transparency
  • Commitment to confidentiality, equality and diversity and regular communication and record-keeping (e.g. of minutes of PPG )
  • Ensure succession plans for any formal positions within the PPG, Chair, secretary, treasurer.

Could I join the group?

Of course you can!

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to work together.

We have monthly meetings, face to face or online, use our passion for running support groups, gather patient voice to provide insight and feedback to the surgery and act on national health initiatives as appropriate.

It is a wonderful community of people supporting our NHS and local surgery.  All you need is a genuine interest to be involved.

We are looking for as wide a demographic as possible to capture the voice of the patient population, the only criteria is you must be a patient of Cobbs Garden Surgery.

How to contact the group

Please complete our Patient Participation Registration form if you are interested in becoming a member or find out more.

For further details please click on the links to read:

Next Meeting

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Patient Participation Group Annual Reports

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Meeting Minutes

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The National Association for Patient Participation

The National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P) is a charity organisation that promotes and supports patient participation in primary care. Patient participation is a unique partnership between patients, GPs and their practice. It is essential to ensure high quality care designed specifically for patients.

N.A.P.P is the only UK umbrella organisation for patient-led groups in general practice and they provide essential support through a comprehensive range of specialist resources. They provide useful information, conferences, workshops, research, consultancy and more to help support Patient Groups in the UK.

Milton Keynes Health Watch

We have close links with our local healthwatch. Visit their website for more information.