Message To Our Patients

Dear patients of Cobbs Garden Surgery

Thank you for your continued support of the surgery staff through what is continuing to be a challenging time.

As you may be aware demand for appointments in primary care has increased over time and in response, we have significantly increased the number of on the day appointments we offer.

All our staff are working extremely hard.

Despite this there are days when demand greatly exceeds the number of appointments we can offer.

We need to take action to ensure patients who are very unwell, and our vulnerable patients continue to receive timely care.

Until now we have offered appointments on the day to any patient who requires them.

Our aim is still to provide this service whenever possible. However, on days when demand is very high, we will be unable to continue to provide unlimited on the day appointments. We are not expecting this to happen very often.

If all available appointments have been booked reception staff will advise you to ring back later that day or ring back the next day (depending on the time) or to ring 111.

Reception will bring anything that is urgent to the direct attention of one of the GP partners. This means we can continue to offer a quick response to patients who are very unwell or vulnerable.

This will not affect the booking of routine GP appointments.

Again, we thank you for your continued support.

The Partners

Cobbs Garden Surgery